Sacred Touch Basics

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In the early 1960’s an American chiropractor by the name of Dr. George Goodheart discovered principles of muscle testing which became widely known as Applied Kinesiology. Others followed in his footsteps. It was now known definitively in certain circles of the scientific world that the body behaved in ways which had been entirely unknown until then.

It became evident that the body has a very unique intelligence. One of the early discoveries was that muscle strength would vary when certain foods were brought close to the subject’s body. Allergic foods caused the tested muscle to become weaker while other foods would cause a strengthening. The body communicated instantaneously, definitively and responded even though the tested food was held outside the body. Many were astounded.


The fact that the body reacted to the food as frequency and that this response could be easily felt through touch, defied all current scientific and medical belief. However, in all traditional healing systems the phenomena had been understood for ages. Nothing new. Science had only now matured enough to accept the inevitable.

Various schools of applied kinesiology came into being each having its own set of techniques. All used the muscle response….

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Because applied kinesiology and muscle testing gives us a way to tap into the energy systems of the body it has provided us with a totally unique understanding of the nature of healing. It has been nothing less than a revolution.

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Yet for all of its contributions there are some basic weaknesses with muscle testing or muscle “yanking” as I prefer to call it.

First of all, you have to ask someone to hold their arm up (or leg, or finger). Then they have to keep it up while you do all your testing. When you do test, or “yank”, you only get one pass to access their energy state.

To deal with the very weak or young or possibly an animal, the kinesiologists came up with a indirect surrogate test . Some bypassed a direct test of the person’s energy completely and use the muscle testing process as a kind dowsing mechanism.

Sometimes kinesiologists test their own muscles, usually the fingers. It is known as “self testing”. Remember that these muscles are under our conscious control, so what happens when the chocoholic tests him or herself on their number one addiction? Kind of like letting the fox guard the chicken coop isn’t it?

Ultimately the process of “yanking” a muscle is a limited way to access the body’s energy….


The body has many instantaneous responses. Changes in muscle strength are only one of them. Some others that I have worked with are changes in joint flexibility and in soft tissue density.

Working with changes in soft tissue density is particularly revealing….

It is also very simple to feel (see soft tissue response). When I teach it most people are able to detect this response in less than 10 minutes. All that is required is that you learn to use your sense of touch in a brand new way and be willing to truly honour what you perceive. That is it.

When I check out someone what I experience is that all of the soft tissue in the body seems to respond by increasing or decreasing in density instantly. The whole surface of my hand is fully and continuously sensing what is going on and all of the internal tissues also respond…. in both myself and the person I’m testing. There truly is no separation.

I have become aware that my body resonates very much like a tuning fork….


Over the years I have been refining this method countless thousands of times on myself and with many, many people. Animals, infants and even the comatose all respond equally well.

I call this new approach Sacred Touch and I’ll tell you why it is so sacred.

Since I have begun to play with this, my sense of touch has become enhanced to the point that I can only describe it as being a gateway into perceiving the unknown….

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The regular practice of Sacred Touch has caused my sense of touch to develop in a way I never thought possible.

The amount of information I now receive through my hands has taken a quantum leap and my hands have truly become sacred instruments for healing.

If you like, all of this is available to you too…


kirlian photo of thumb tip courtesy Dr. Newton Milhomens

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