Amazing – Results Of Kinesiology Testing – Instant Change

For many years I was unable to demonstrate to an audience that when I used kinesiology testing to find remedies that there would be any change at all created in the body.

About 20 years ago I discovered a solution.

This works only when I can find a “demonstrator” person who has a restriction in the movement of the hip.

I have my subject lie face up on a massage table, then test the movement at the hip area by gently rocking him / her in the approximate direction of the arrows as shown above. In about 1 in 10 people movement in the hip area is greatly reduced on one side but not the other.

Then I begin testing for remedies and find the most potent available.

I can now do one of quite a number of things to create a change. Here are three possibilities.

I can:

  1. place the most potent of the remedies tested on the subject’s tummy
  2. have my subject bring his / her palms together with the fingers intertwined so the right thumb is on top (see photo below) – this is a partial Cook’s Hookup – a half Cook’s Hookup may work better – (see next photo)
  3. even place a sacred text on them (one that tests well – and not all will)

There are many other options available to create this kind of change such as using appropriate sound frequencies but for now this will do.

partial Cook’s Hookup

half Cook’s Hookup – right thumb on top of left

I then re-test the motion of the blocked hip. The previously restricted hip should now rock back and forth quite easily.

It all happens instantaneously. If I remove the remedy the hip restriction returns within a few seconds.

My mind gets blown every time I do this. The remedy does not have to be taken internally. To me it is an amazing demonstration of our existence in a universe of frequency.

I will post a video of this in an upcoming article.


To do a more complete Cook’s Hookup:

Extend both arms straight in front of you with the palms facing outward. Place the right arm over the left and interlace the fingers with the right thumb resting on top of the left. Now bring both interlaced hands to the centre of the chest.

half Cook’s Hookup

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