Sacred Touch & Intent

My wife Eileen bent the spoon in the photo below by applying her intent to soften the metal, then shaping it with her hands.. There are 3 complete twists in the spoon handle and the whole process took about 10 minutes.


If you look carefully at the photo you will notice how tightly wound the spoon is. You cannot get this kind of result by just bending the spoon with brute force. It might be possible to get tight twists like that by using an acetylene torch to heat the metal to a high temperature, only the metal would be left with a blue discolouration. There is no blue discolouration.

Something else has happened with this spoon.

If it is possible to bend a ordinary spoon with our intent, then there is truly no limit to the possibilities we can create to impact our world in a positive way.

Although I’ve known about creating healing remedies through prayer and intent it wasn’t until I met Raymon Grace that it truly dawned on me what incredible power we, as individuals, have.

I attended a talk given by Raymon where he described how he had helped heal a very large polluted spring (Blue Springs, Arkansas produces about 38 million gallons of water a day) by placing an intent in a jar of water taken from the spring.

He poured the contents of that jar back into the spring and 2 weeks later the spring was tested for water purity. The report indicated that the water sample from the spring was one of the purest the testing lab had ever seen!

Demonstration of physical changes in the body using intent and water

I have done this demonstration many times, each time with the same results. For the purpose of this demo I choose from an audience someone with a restriction in their hip. I can use other joints but the changes which happen in the hip area are easy for the audience to see and, if they like to try themselves, to feel.

I first test my person by asking him/her to lay face down on my massage table. Then I check the hip’s ability to flex by rocking it. I do this by giving it a light shove. In about 10% of people I can find a definite restriction. The angle of restriction is very precise.

I then ask the group to place their intent or prayer for healing into a jar of water. We spend a couple minutes doing this.

I now place the jar on the belly of my person on the table. In every case the restriction in the hip has completely disappeared. If I remove the jar the restriction immediately returns. All present can see and feel this.

If we can create this change in the hip so easily what miracles are yet to be created through our intent and prayer?

I have used this same process using herbal and essential oil formulations. The trick is you have to know how to choose the right one. For more information on this please click here.

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