Sacred Touch & Healing

It is possible to use your touch in very sensitive ways for the purpose of healing. Reading the body response will give you all kinds of information on where and how to apply pressure, what direction to apply the pressure in, and much more. You can also use your touch to heal an emotional trauma. It’s actually not difficult at all.


You just hold the body where it needs most needs touch. It is so simple. I use the soft tissue response to tell me where the body needs to receive touch. Let’s say I am working with an injured ankle. I gently go over the surface of the ankle touching it until I feel an increase in the skin/soft tissue density. Wherever the response is felt that is precisely where the person I’m working with needs to be held.

soft tissue-filteredI rest my hand on that exact spot while keeping it totally relaxed, withdraw all holding patterns from the hand and hold the position until no more soft tissue response is felt. Then I check in on the injured ankle. There is usually a decrease in pain and an increase in mobility.

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