Refine Your Touch & Kinesiology Skills – 1

I am going to describe an exercise that I often teach to students who want to learn to become better at combining kinesiology testing with touch.

Here I will use a “one hand” method for testing using my dominant hand.

Place middle finger over the index and apply pressure by “bouncing” ever so lightly

As in the photo above I am testing by very, very, very lightly using my middle finger to apply a “bouncing” pressure on my index finger. The bounce is so light I can barely see my finger move.

I am actually feeling the resilience or tautness of the muscles in the index finger. The key here is use very, very little pressure, about as much as if a dragonfly lighted on your finger.

Use no more pressure than the weight of a dragonfly on your finger.

Then lightly place the opposite hand in succession over the following four areas of your head: the forehead, ear, eye and jaw

all the while testing with your dominant hand.

Notice if you feel a strengthening of the muscles in your index finger as you touch any of the four areas on your head. You will most likely feel a reaction as you touch one of them.

Test while lightly palming the forehead
Test while lightly palming the ear
Test while lightly palming the eye
Test while lightly touching the jaw

When you feel a strengthening in the index finger it is direct and instantaneous feedback that your body “likes” your touch at that area of your head.

So sit down some place where you can be completely relaxed and lightly hold that area for the next 2 – 3 minutes.

How do you feel now?

Now retest with your hand over the area you just held. If it is now clear, you are done. If it hasn’t cleared continue holding. Then retest again.

Give me feedback please.

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