A Hitchhiker’s Realization – How I Started My Journey

This blog is part of an on-going journey that started a long time ago.

I had slowly came to the realization that I had been brain washed. And unless YOU are very exceptional you probably have been too.

For most of us, our training in the school system and in society has utterly crushed our feeling and intuition based intelligence.

We are taught to honour and respect a hierarchy whose knowledge is based on pure logic. Your own experience has little or no value. There is always an “authority” who ultimately knows better than you.

So I began a new journey on that day many years ago by making a decision.

It was the spring of 1975 and I was a graduate university student hitchhiking on a highway to a summer job at a lumber camp in northern British Columbia. And while I stood there for hours in the hot sun waiting for a ride I experienced a revelation.

And that revelation was that I had to honour my heart and my heart was telling me to give up pushing. I had to stop obeying my intellect and to begin following the knowing of my heart.

And that knowing is why I am here.

I gratefully accept your comments and feedback.

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