Sacred Touch – Mind & Emotion

Sacred Touch will give you surprisingly direct insight into your behaviour that is

  •  always wise
  •  totally compassionate
  •  and completely non judgmental.

Your body’s intelligence may also be very unexpected. Let’s just say that it cuts through the crap very quickly. My body is my cherished advisor.

Here’s how you can do this.

If you are wanting insight into yourself, place the palm of one hand over your heart chakra (the thymus area at the centre of the chest between the throat and the breast). If you are wanting to understand someone else’s behaviour use their palm over their heart chakra. This part is essential. It is a very good way to access the knowing of the heart.

The heart operates as a second brain. It even has two hemispheres but it has a very different way of knowing. The heart, unlike the ego, does not know how to lie.

Place your other hand, the sensing hand, over the tummy or the thigh or another area of your choice. I would recommend you choose a fairly soft spot. If you are working with someone else place your sensing hand on a soft spot on their body. I often use their forearm.

Your sensing hand will be checking the soft tissue response while you ask yourself, or the person you are working with, some questions…

Let’s now assume you want to know yourself a little better. Start by asking a question you are pretty sure of the answer, like “Is it sunny today?”. If it is definitely sunny, you should notice a change in the soft tissue density. It will become denser. If it is not sunny, there will probably be no response at all.

Do not follow this procedure if you are very emotional state. Your body may not be able to give any responses at all. If this is the case, place your palm on your forehead, meditate, do some deep breathing, go for a walk. Do something that works for you.

Sacred Touch can also help you find the appropriate method. When your body is ready to respond to a simple question like “Am I ready to start now?” you can proceed.

I can only give you general guidelines now. If you’d like to have more direction take my class.

First of all, find out what has been bothering you. Just what is the issue? Ask lots of questions. When your body does respond follow the line of questioning and do not stop until you get to the bottom of it. It will most likely be something very primal.

You will notice that your body does not respond the way your ego does and that the answers it does give are far more insightful than your ego’s. If you are willing to listen and follow your body’s guidance then this method may prove to be very useful for you.

Now knowing intellectually just what is going on will not resolve an emotional issue. It is a start. The emotional part of you will now need some healing. I use touch only, but in just the right places. You can learn more about this by clicking here.

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