A New Way To Do Touch Healing

The “laying on of hands” method I call Sacred Touch evolved as my sensitivity of touch developed over many years of practice.

This process began twenty years ago when I began learning various forms of applied kinesiology (Touch For Health for example) and found that when I placed my left hand on certain areas of my testee’s body and then muscle tested with my right hand, my testee’s muscle would become extremely strong. When I shifted my left hand on to another part of the testee’s body there would be no change in muscle strength at all.

If I then rested my hand on the area of the testee’s body that caused the muscle strengthening he or she would experience a deep state of relaxation and well being.

The things is, just where you place your hands is extremely important.

I then discovered that when my testee’s muscle strength increased there also were corresponding changes that happen elsewhere in the body. For example, the joints become more flexible and the skin tissue becomes denser and more robust.

When I began to focus on this new experience of touch a whole new world of sensation opened up for me.

I practiced more and more and my sense of touch became quite profound. I was able to almost do away with muscle testing except where I wanted to demonstrate what was going on to others.






May there be peace in our hearts.

May there be peace for all humanity.

May there be perfect peace on earth.

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