We Live In A Magical Universe

We are all in the middle of a paradigm shift. Let me explain.

Our science and medicine is still greatly influenced by a mechanistic world view that began with Sir Isaac Newton in 1687.

In the early 1900s a new science, Quantum Mechanics, was born and this new science has caused us to question all of the assumptions we had ever made about the universe.

In this video Dev Khalsa uses a form of kinesiology to demonstrate how we can be profoundly influenced by the FREQUENCY of things which come into our presence.

Ultimately, we can say that:
• the material universe is not physical at all
• that we truly are beings of light
• and our that our intent is very POWERFUL…..

I’ll be talking about intent and creating our reality later.







PS I gratefully accept your comments and feedback.

May there be peace in our hearts.

May there be peace for all humanity.

May there be perfect peace on earth.

About Dev

Welcome my friend! My name is Dev Sarang Khalsa and I am a visionary scientist, yogi, master kinesiologist and businessman. I have a passion for following the path of the heart. The famous American educator, John Taylor Gatto, once wrote: "I've come to believe that genius is an exceedingly common human quality, probably natural to most of us." It is so true. Inside each and every one of us lies, usually hidden, an astounding magnificence, the likes of which the planet has never seen before. Each one of us has some talent that no one else can, or ever will, duplicate and if we even know about it, we often think nothing of it. Problem is, most people end up covering that breathtaking brilliance by trying to conform. This life strategy NEVER works and we end up struggling and ultimately failing at everything that is important in life. It is an all too common tragedy. Come, you genius, and let us explore the perfection of our humanity! -Dev Sarang

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