Sacred Touch & Remedies

You can use the soft tissue response for a powerful insight into the kinds of remedies the body might be needing. Sometimes you may have to throw the herbal textbook away and honour what the body has to say. It is an interesting journey.

I test different kinds of remedies all the time and compare the body’s responses. Working with the body’s response has helped me to choose the kinds of remedies I like best. Mostly I use:

Reading the body’s response is a great way to cut through marketing hype!

The body will teach you a lot about how to use the remedy, even how often it should be used and in what quantities. What a concept! I go into more depth on this in my classes.

To test a remedy place your hand on the person’s skin and begin checking the soft tissue resilience. Then take the remedy you want to test and bring it near the person’s body. If the remedy causes an increase in energy for that person, as you approach the organ the remedy affects you will begin to detect an increase in the soft tissue density. It is a practical demonstration of how the body responds to frequency.

Using this method it is also possible to determine which foods take your energy away. Your body could possibly be allergic to them. While testing with one hand, you remove the food from the area of the parotid or thymus glands. If this action produces a strengthening, the food is suspect.

I have an excellent way of prioritizing remedies which I find extremely valuable but space does not allow me to adequately explain it. You’ll just have to take my class.

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