Sacred Touch – A New Way To A Very Ancient Art


“The essence of the paradox of modern physics is that
the universe does not seem to exist without a perceiver of that universe.”
– Amit Goswami


All matter is a form of energy.

Einstein’s famous equatione=mc2indicates that ultimately matter and energy are interchangeable. The implications are truly profound and our society, its science, and its medicine have not caught up with them yet.

Even empty space is not truly empty, but contains more energy (known as zero point, or scalar energy) than we had ever dreamed of.

We exist in a living, vibrating universe of energy.

Our physical bodies also have an underlying energetic foundation. When we deal with healing the physical body we must remember that there is also an energy body. If we ignore this fact all attempts to heal it are incomplete.

Sacred Touch is a new and also a very old approach to accessing and using the body’s energy. It is new in that it has a basis in Applied Kinesiology, muscle testing and Craniosacral work, and old in that healing traditions from all cultures have used hands-on healing and sensing.

Sacred Touch began as an exploration of my own sense of touch. Touch is something that many of us take for granted or even ignore, yet it can connect us with the universe of energy which flows continuously within us and of which we are an integral part.

No special skills are required and each and every one of us has all the tools needed, that most basic of senses, touch….


kirlian photo of fingertip pairs courtesy Dr. Newton Milhomens


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