Sacred Touch & Meditation

Using Sacred Touch To Attain A Profound State Of Meditation

I have made meditation a daily practice for over 40 years. I never had anything like the results I get using Sacred Touch.

I feel like I am only now finally learning how to meditate.

What I experience is very old patterns of energy are surfacing to be released. The experience is deeply healing for me…

According to traditional Chinese medicine the main yang meridian, the governing vessel, ends in the palate. The main yin meridian, the conception vessel, ends at the tip of the tongue.

There is a yoga technique of connecting the tip of the tongue to the palate in order to stimulate the meridian point and thereby the master glands, the pituitary and pineal.


I knew about this method quite some time ago but was lacking the sensitivity to know how to use it properly until I began to study my own sense of touch. Here is what I know now.

It is very easy to stimulate these acupuncture points on the palate and you can attain a very profound state of healing in your meditation. The connections however, are very precise and here is where you can use Sacred Touch.

Before we proceed with this I will suggest that you find a quiet place where you can sit in a comfortable position. You will also need some time free from any distractions in order to experience it.

I will introduce you now to my assistant Mr. Bones:

bonesMr Bones will now show us something. The roof of your mouth is divided into two parts, the hard and soft palate. If you have picked up already on how to feel the soft tissue response begin to feel it now while you place the tip of your tongue on the palate. Explore around with the tongue tip to find an exact point.


You will find that there is a point which causes a very definite response. While you are in the normal waking state this point will most likely be forward on the hard palate. Press firmly on that point with the tongue tip.

Next, make sure you are sitting comfortably with your spine very straight.

It will help you if you can find a suitable position to hold your hands in. In yoga this is called a mudra.


The word mudra is a term which comes from the art of yoga. Simply stated a mudra is a hand position which enhances the flow of energy. There are many many possible positions, as many as you can conceive of. Test yourself using the soft tissue response I have outlined and find a position which works best for you. Use your creativity.

I find it really neat to be able to feel the various mudras influence on my energy. The following are only samples.



mudra4It will give you a little boost of energy that you can use to enter into a new consciousness state. Hold your hands in the mudra that gives you the most energy. The more energy you are able to access, the less internal dialogue you will have and the faster the process happens.

Eye Focus

It will also help you to focus your eyes in a particular way. Try testing while focusing the eyes:

  • at the middle of the forehead, between the eyes
  • at the tip of the nose
  • towards the upper lip

It is possible that none of those positions may work and a normal relaxed focus may be best. for you at this time. Find out which position gives you the most energy and fix your gaze there.

Now Meditate

Now tell your body to relax and withdraw all holding patterns your muscles are in. Let everything go. Just keep pressing the tongue tip at the location on the palate and be patient. As you go deeper and deeper you will discover tension patterns at those deeper levels. Consciously let them go too. Keep your focus on any pattern which has not yet let go.

Nothing much may happen for some time. Periodically check to make sure if the point on the palate has moved. It can do that. Especially if you are having a lot of internal dialogue. When you go into the chatter, come back to the focus.

The Shift

Then all of a sudden a shift will happen. You may experience a need to forcefully exhale and breathe deeply. Your ears may pop, your spine may click and you may experience a tremendous release of muscular and emotional tension, Whatever. Your body will adopt a new posture and you may notice that your heart and shoulders feel like they have released a huge burden.

Enjoy your new state. Now check in on the palate position. It will have changed, moving further back toward the soft palate. When you precisely find the new position continue with the tip of the tongue pressed exactly and firmly there.


You may eventually reach the soft palate. The yogic texts say that in this area the “nectar” of the the pituitary and pineal glands starts to flow. Initially it is almost a dreamlike state in which it is impossible to have mental chatter.

However, on the way we often fall into patterns like worrying about the kids or the finances or whatever and it happens, over and over again.

If you are like me at some point there will be an internal struggle. One part of you may not want to relinquish control because it is afraid of letting go. Entering a new perception can be scary. It will intensify the internal dialogue. All I can suggest is to be patient. A place of unimaginable tranquility awaits you.

When I first began to use this process for meditation I used to get a lot of shifting and popping mostly in my sacral area. I wondered for a long time whether my body was adjusting while I meditated only to return to its original state while I went about my day. After a period of three or four years I noticed that the adjusting in the sacrum had stopped although it continued in other ways in other locations.

I examined my spine in the mirror. My swayback curvature (also known as lordosis) which I had had for so long was gone.

13 Replies to “Sacred Touch & Meditation”

  1. very helpful and direct article. thank you. I have been doing Kriya yoga for years and needed to acquaint myself with the exact use of the mudra and the position of the tongue.

  2. I have used this site for reference many times…. Very useful, I have had powerful experiences with this touch whilst practicing meditation. Thank you, namaste.

    1. Consider it a blessing if you can handle it. Take kundalini yoga as an example. An uninformed practitioner can do more harm than good. I chose a different path… they all eventually get us to, as Ram Dass recently said.”Loving Awareness”.

  3. Great this is truely great..I feel divine and I feel free all the thoughts..
    My mind does not wander here and there when I do this..

  4. Thanku so much for the wonderful information. I got into this type of meditation very recently. There is a long way to go. But I m loving the peace it is generating within me. Thoughtless state is indeed a bliss!!

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