Sacred Touch & Perceiving Energy

Using Sacred Touch To Perceive Energy

In Carlos Castaneda’s book “The Teachings of Don Juan”, Don Juan gives Carlos the task of searching for his “power spot”. After rolling around in the dirt for hours Carlos is able to find a spot which rejuvenates his energy.

You can use Sacred Touch to find spots on the earth which will provide us with energy. Use the soft tissue response. and begin walking around outside until you feel the density change. Pinpoint the exact location and place your feet and body position to maximize the energy flow. Now receive this gift from the earth.

You can be very creative with perceiving other kinds of energy, sound frequency and colour are examples. Stones and crystals have their energies if you like to work with them.

If you want to experiment, a fascinating one is gazing at cloud or land formations or other natural phenomena. Find the precise spot in the formation that produces a response. Fix your gaze there until you receive its gift. Notice how you feel. Truly we have accessed a whole new world!

Another interesting experiment for a nature setting is to find a spot where you can listen to bird calls and other nature sounds while using the soft tissue response. Find out which sounds cause the greatest energy change in your body. The call of the loon is very precious. Other calls that have an equal effect are those of the crow and the wild turkey.

Using Sacred Touch to find distortions in the aura

You can do this exercise with a partner or on yourself.

One hand will be used to pass through the aura. Hold this hand with it cupped and the fingers extended. The other hand you will use to feel the body’s response (see soft tissue response).


You will now monitor the body’s response using the soft tissue response while you slowly pass your other “sensing” hand through your own or your partner’s electromagnetic field. I suggest you start with the areas of the chakras:

  •     1st – between the legs just below the perineum
  •     2nd – area between the sexual organs and the navel
  •     3rd – solar plexus
  •     4th – thymus
  •     5th – throat
  •     6th – 3rd eye point
  •     7th – above the crown of the head

Be patient and you will notice that as your sensing hand passes over certain chakras you will feel a change in the density of the soft tissue with your other hand. Find the exact spot over the chakra that gives you the maximum density change.

This increase in tissue density is the body is communicating to you in a very special language that it is now in an enhanced energy state. Just the presence of your cupped “sensing” hand is causing the distortion in the aura to heal and you can know this by feeling it!

You now know something about the body that you may not have before. To use your hands for auric healing hold the exact position with your sensing hand and now withdraw all tension patterns in your body. Be patient again.

Continue until you feel a release and there is no more soft tissue density change as you pass your sensing hand over this spot.

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