Testing The “Ring Of Truth”

There is an expression in the English language that I really appreciate. We may say that someone’s communication has “the ring of truth”.

What it means is this:

I may not know for certain, i.e. I have no concrete evidence, that someone is speaking or writing the truth but whatever is being stated resonates with me in a way that only the unadulterated truth can.

This expression literally means that someone’s words have a high vibration, that is, the frequency or “ring” of truth.

Is it possible that our bodies have the power to instantly know the truth? I believe so and I’ll show you how I test this using a simple kinesiology method.

Use this “one hand” method that leaves your other hand free

I use my dominant hand to test. As in the photo above I am testing by very, very, very lightly using my middle finger to apply a “bouncing” pressure on my index finger. The bounce is so light I can barely see my finger move.

I am actually feeling the resilience or tautness of the muscles in the index finger. The key here is use very, very little pressure, about as much as if a dragonfly lighted on your finger.

Use no more pressure than the weight of a dragonfly on your finger.

Place your opposite hand over the heart centre.

Now test yourself while you say something that you know to be absolutely true, like “My name is (your real) name.” Contrast that with “My name is (a false) name.” Practice until you can clearly feel the difference. Your index finger should feel stronger or tauter when you speak the truth.

What you are feeling is that your energy is enhanced when you speak the truth. So, if you always tell the truth you will have more energy!

In order to be proficient at this you have to have NO emotional attachment to the outcome of your test. You must be completely unbiased.

Now let’s test some politicians.

1. Play the video below and notice what you feel as President Bill Clinton denies having had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

2. Now what do you notice as you play the video below when he admits to having had an “inappropriate” relationship with Monica?

3. Now test as George W Bush administration officials weave a web of obvious lies.

4. Play the video below and notice what you feel as  President George W. Bush is being very candid.


blessings and peace to you,

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